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Quantifying the Efficiency Improvements in Wirecast 15

Comparing system CPU and GPU usage in various live-streaming and broadcast production workflows on the two newest versions of Wirecast. Someone once said to me “Live video streaming is not rocket science… it’s harder than rocket science!” This person was referring to the engineering that goes into making live video and live audio work seamlessly, […]

A Checklist Before you Start Church Streaming

To learn more about Telestream desktop products, click here. As stated in other posts, streaming your church services can be overwhelming or downright scary. Not because of anything bad, but because of all the unknowns. Who will run the live stream? What are the technical aspects required? Where do you even start? Here is a […]

Building Your Own Wirecast Machine

To learn more about Telestream desktop products, click here. So you want to take on the challenge and build your own Wirecast machine, but you’re not sure where to start? Hopefully, this blog post will help guide you in the direction you need to go. Building a machine can be daunting. But knowing what to […]

How to Live Stream to Multiple Destinations with Wirecast

Already live streaming? Why not stream to multiple destinations (and record) all at once? Streaming to multiple destinations is an effortless way to grow your audience, expand your reach and number of views. Wirecast can easily be configured to stream to multiple destinations and record simultaneously. But a word of caution before you start. More […]

Wirecast 7.5 Adds Periscope API – Twitter Integration

Periscope – Twitter is here! We are excited to announce that Wirecast now supports Periscope – Twitter API with native live streaming inside Wirecast. This means that you can employ Wirecast to live stream full-motion video to Periscope.tv that will appear natively within Twitter.