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How to Capture Great Web Video Interviews

I want to thank Derek Singleton of Software Advice for this informative guest post. *** These days, recording a professional-looking Web video interview is becoming easier and cheaper. However, it is still easy to get things like lighting, studio set up and the background wrong. At Software Advice, we shoot a lot of Web video, […]

How to Add External Audio Sources Using the Shot Audio Icon

In this tutorial, we show how to use Wirecast’s Shot icon on the toolbar to add an external microphone to a particular shot. If you’ve ever wanted to use audio from a sound board or small mixer in your live stream, this is a very handy thing to know.  “On camera” microphones are acceptable for […]

Microphones 101 For Your Webcast – Part 2

(This is the second part in the series, How to Produce High Quality Audio for Your Wirecasts for your Wirecast event) The first thing to understand about microphones is that they are only as good as 1), the quality of the microphone, 2), the quality of the sound source and 3),  how they are used. […]

How to Produce High Quality Audio for Your Wirecasts – Part 1

Someone once said “Good video with bad audio is worthless, but bad video with good audio still works.” I’m paraphrasing here, but it’s so true.  One reason that Youtube originally thrived, much to the dismay of broadcast engineers, was that the audio was pretty good, even though the early video was often fuzzy, blocky and […]

When Rejection and Insensitivity are Good Things by Andy White

Andy White has been regularly producing podcasts, for clients large and small since 2006, including Internet Marketing, which is regularly in the featured list under the Management and Marketing categories in iTunes. In an effort to reach more people, Andy is now writing a book and running training sessions to teach people how to turn […]

Tips for Great Sounding Audio

Most of us are not audio experts. Frankly, I’m happy when I can turn on a microphone and get sound from it. But, when you want to record a high-quality ScreenFlow tutorial or demonstration, professional-sounding audio will help make your video top-notch. Here are a few tips from our experts to help you record good […]