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How to Use VST3 Effect Plugins in Wirecast

Using VST3 Effect Plugins in Wirecast

A VST3 effect plugin allows you to alter your audio sources in new and exciting ways. Whether you want to add a simple reverb, reduce background noise, or mimic the sounds of the 80s in a synthwave track, you can do it with VST3 effects plugins in Wirecast 15.1. We have added the ability to use […]

Microphones 101 For Your Webcast – Part 2

(This is the second part in the series, How to Produce High Quality Audio for Your Wirecasts for your Wirecast event) The first thing to understand about microphones is that they are only as good as 1), the quality of the microphone, 2), the quality of the sound source and 3),  how they are used. […]