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Working with Green Screens – Ideal World vs. Real World

Telestream's web studio

We’ve been using green screens and chroma key filters in our WirecastLive and ScreenFlowLive shows as well as our webinars for a number of years now. During this time, we’ve learned a lot… but that’s not to say we don’t still have much to learn. One of the most important things we’ve learned over the years […]

Wirecast Rockstar: Teacher Anthony Johnson


Green Screen in the Classroom A few weeks ago we had the opportunity to meet a Twitter friend in real life at the ISTE Conference in Philadelphia.  Anthony Johnson, who we first encountered due to his interactive classroom photos on Twitter, stopped by and gave us a bit of insight on how Wirecast is implemented […]

How To Effectively Light Your Green Screen

In the following video, I explore the basic principles for lighting a green screen and your subjects to get that perfect composition you’ve always wanted.  Green screens and blue screens (and sometimes other color screens too) have been used by Hollywood and the media for decades, but it’s becoming more and more common for smaller […]

Finding Chroma Key Backgrounds for Wirecast

The Chroma Key (Green Screen) functions in Wirecast are a great way to enhance your broadcast.  They allow you to insert an image or video behind your talent, allowing them to virtually enter a set or location. Broadcast from your new high quality news desk or live from the beach.  It can be useful and […]