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Live Production Features Wirecast 15-1

Top 3 New Features for Live Video Production in Wirecast

The release of Wirecast 15.1 introduces many new features for streamlined live video production in Wirecast. Learn about Wirecast’s support for VST3 effect plugins, simultaneous camera and screen sharing in Rendezvous, and user-defined shortcuts/hotkeys.

Wirecast 15 launched earlier this year with a host of new live production features and streaming capabilities. Producers and live-streamers now have much more power and flexibility for creating pro-quality video content. With the release of the newest version of Wirecast live video streaming and production software for Mac and Windows, video producers and live content creators have even more power and flexibility. Create evergreen video content on the fly with professional-level quality and production value.

Let’s take a look at three new live video production features in Wirecast and how they help enable high-quality live video production.

VST3 Effect Plugin Support
VST3 Effect Plugins Supported in Wirecast 15
An example of an audio distortion and pitch correction VST3 Effect Plugin in Wirecast 15.

In the world of audio engineering, sound design, and music production VST3 is the latest Virtual Studio Technology interface. This allows 3rd party developers to create unique plugins that accomplish a wide variety of effects for controlling, manipulating, or otherwise altering audio.

In a live video production scenario, leveraging VST3 Effect Plugins can be very effective:

  • Normalize audio from different sources to achieve a consistent volume level
  • Equalize a given source to cut out distracting frequencies
  • Correct or shift the pitch of a speaker or musical instrument feed
  • Remove reverb to clean up audio from lower-quality microphones)
  • and much more.

Wirecast 15.1 now supports the use of VST3 Effect Plugins on individual sources or your final output mix so you can professionally control the audio in your live stream. Whether you produce live concerts, a live event where speakers are calling in from various remote locations, or a weekly service at a house of worship, content creators of all experience levels have professional power and flexibility with new VST3 plugin support in Wirecast.

Application Shortcuts & Document Hotkeys
Custom document hotkeys and application shortcuts in Wirecast 15
How to set up custom application shortcuts and document hotkeys in Wirecast 15.

Application shortcuts are keyboard shortcuts that invoke commands that you would normally access through a menu, mouse click, or another user interface. These shortcuts help improve productivity – for example using Command + N or Control + N to quickly open a new document.

Now you can make your own keyboard shortcuts for nearly any action in the Wirecast app. You can also save, export, and import Keyboard Shortcut Sets for use on other computers.

One of the most commonly-used peripherals in a live-streamer’s arsenal is an external switching device like an Elgato Stream Deck. Devices like these allow producers to automate a range of actions in Wirecast, such as queueing up shots in the preview window, clearing layers, and pushing shots live. This streamlines many production actions and lets individuals create live video content more professionally and easily.

With the latest update to Wirecast, we’ve taken the flexibility enabled by these tools and integrated it directly into the software, removing the need for an external peripheral device. Live streamers and video producers can now define and configure fully-customizable document hotkeys to automate production workflows. Assign one hotkey to multiple shots in your document, or assign multiple hotkeys to one shot, to quickly build and push composite shots live with a simple keystroke.

Build application shortcuts and hotkey profiles to set up and run a live show in Wirecast with ease and simplicity.

Rendezvous Camera & Screen Sharing
Share your webcam and screen in Wirecast Rendezvous instantaneously
Simultaneous webcam and screen-sharing in Wirecast Rendezvous.

Wirecast Rendezvous is a powerful tool that allows live streaming video producers to capture a guest speaker’s audio and video from a remote location and incorporate that into the larger show. Producing webcasts, webinars, tutorials, and screencast content with remote presenters just got a whole lot easier!

Now in Rendezvous, you can bring in a speaker’s webcam, audio feed, and shared screen simultaneously – and synchronized. Bring these individual sources into separate shots in Wirecast or create a composite picture-in-picture shot. Wherever your remote speaker is calling in from, you can now present their content quickly and with high-quality production value.

Learn more about Wirecast and get started producing your own professional live-streaming video content. Watch The Wirecast Show on Youtube to get first looks at new features and more video production tips & tricks. Subscribe to tune in when episodes air live on the last Wednesday of each month at 10 AM PST.

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