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Wirecast Webinar – Beyond the Basics

Wirecast WebinarWirecast Webinar

The third installment of our recent Wirecast webinar series is up for your viewing pleasure! In our first two episodes we covered the basics of streaming with Wirecast, and how to train volunteers for live streaming.  This time around we are going deeper into Wirecast to learn how to add a bit of style to your broadcasts!

While geared towards those in the Worship broadcasting world, this webinar focuses on how to use Wirecast to it’s full potential, regardless of your setting.  Join Wirecast Support Team member, and avid live streamer, Stephen Heywood as he shows us his tips and tricks for getting the most out of every broadcast.


In this webinar, you will learn more advanced techniques for producing high quality live-streamed services using Wirecast. We’ll cover ways to add media, branding and more advanced production to your broadcasts. We’ll also cover troubleshooting and ways to ensure a smooth and consistent broadcast.

What you will learn:

  • How to help congregants embrace online media as a path to meaningful worship Wirecast Webinar
  • Advanced capabilities of Wirecast such as incorporating PowerPoint’s and screenshots into your stream, cropping your shots and adding transitions
  • How to brand your broadcast with your house of worship name or logo and add custom lower thirds and titles to your shots
  • How to troubleshoot and recover from an unexpected events during your broadcast

Make sure to check out the first two webinars as well, and get ready for our 4th and final installment on September 10th!


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