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Best Practices for Setting up Shot Layers in Wirecast

Wirecast Layers

One of the most powerful features of Wirecast is the ability to composite very complex shots using different layers. For example – you might want a lower thirds graphic to appear on screen for just 30 seconds every time one of your cameras goes live. Or, you might have some computer audio you want your […]

Setting Up Your Layers in Wirecast


Arranging Your Layers When streaming with Wirecast, the layers that make up your main shot list are extremely important.  I like to think of them as individual televisions stacked on top of each other.  If they are all playing at once, I can hear the audio from all of them, but I can only see […]

Wirecast 5 Workflow Tutorial

Happy December Wirecasters! Here’s a great tutorial created and produced by Stephen Heywood of The Tech Buzz. In this video, Stephen demonstrates some basic and essential functions in the new Wirecast 5 UI: How to add a bug (small logo) on your broadcast Resizing and editing shots Working with layers Adding lower thirds graphics Dealing […]