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Wirecast and Twitter: The Perfect Team

Bringing Twitter into Wirecast What is the single most important part of broadcasting with Wirecast? Your audience. Even with top of the line equipment and utterly engaging content, without an audience, there is no show.  If you are already plugged in to social media, you already know about Twitter and the enormous power that it […]

Maximizing Desktop Presenter Quality in Wirecast

When configuring your broadcast, bear in mind that any changes in video size or dimension, will cause compression and loss of quality. To ensure the highest possible quality, it’s important to maintain a constant resolution and aspect ratio from source to output. The following steps detail one easy way to do this. 1. Initial Setup […]

2-Way Interview with Skype and Wirecast

Many Wirecast streamers would love to take live video call ins or one on one guest interviews. Since the complementary Desktop Presenter doesn’t send audio to Wirecast, some may feel they need to resort to additional computers and mixing boards.  All it takes is a way to receive the video call (Skype, ooVoo, iChatAV, etc) […]

Opening Doors with Desktop Presenter

Wirecast has some extremely robust features that are often overlooked. If you use Wirecast and don’t know about or have never used Desktop Presenter, this is for you. Desktop Presenter is a free application that you can download to accompany Wirecast. It will grab your desktop (or the desktop of other computers on your network) […]