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Telestream's Must-Know Takeaways from IBC 2023: Exploring Media's Biggest Technology Trends

Telestream’s Must-Know Takeaways from IBC 2023: Exploring Media’s Biggest Technology Trends

As a proud exhibitor at this year’s IBC conference, we were thrilled to meet with all our customers and partners to discuss the hot-button topics in our industry and share how Telestream is meeting these emerging needs.

Three key themes dominated the conversation:

  • Growing operational challenges when meeting changing market demands
  • Balancing software and hardware investments
  • Tapping into artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML)
Growing Operational Challenges

Media companies must meet tight production schedules and ensure a high-quality viewer experience. They need solutions that can streamline and enhance productions quickly, easily, and at scale. There are many ways technology can help ease these operational pains. 

“Operational efficiency and agility is critical to our customers. They are looking for tools that encompass AI and workflow automation, transcription, metadata extraction, and more. Customers are seeking diagnostics solutions to proactively pinpoint issues, preventing interruptions to broadcasts.” 

Charlie Dunn, Chief Product Officer, Telestream

Telestream empowers customers with flexible solutions that enable top-tier content production from any location. Our comprehensive solutions are engineered for workflow efficiency. At IBC, these included the Vantage media processing platform, Timed Text Speech captioning solution, Qualify for automated quality control, and our Content Conductor content management solution. 

Balancing software and hardware investments

While the benefits of the cloud are clear and compelling, traditional hardware often remains a fundamental component. Finding a harmonious blend of on-premises and integrated cloud solutions is critical to staying competitive.

“Many of our customers have made considerable investments in on-premises infrastructure over the years, and the decision to transition to cloud has not been taken lightly. What sets our solutions apart is their flexibility, so customers can transition at their own pace. We make it easy.”

Alex Keighley, Chief Revenue Officer, Telestream

Telestream can help whether you’re an early adopter of cloud technology, pursuing a gradual migration, or just testing the waters. Vantage Cloud can simultaneously process on-prem and cloud-based content in a single workflow. Media companies producing a high volume of video content can dip their toe into cloud-based media supply chain workflows. Lightspeed Live Capture enables high-speed capture of synchronized, high-quality content. The software-only version enables cloud or hybrid ingest and power media processing workflows.

Advancements in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

According to the 2022 IABM Adoption Trends report, 32% of broadcast and media companies have already adopted AI/ML. This is in large part due to the growing cloud adoption rate, which reached 51% in 2022. 

For workflow automation, AI predicts the bottlenecks in your media workflows based on historical, similar jobs or other unique requirements. It automatically tags and categorizes content to immediately surface the media you need. 

At Telestream, AI and ML are integrated into Timed Text Speech,  for speech-to-text time-stamped transcription, and in Wirecast, Telestream’s live video streaming and video production software, with our first AI-powered Virtual Assistant for real-time feature walkthroughs, technical advice, and tailored troubleshooting. Telestream is committed to building this innovative and evolving technology into our solutions, and customers can expect some exciting updates in the near future.

That’s A Wrap for Telestream at IBC 2023

Telestream is more committed than ever to bringing innovative solutions to the broadcast and media industry. Our technology solves the industry’s most top-of-mind challenges, and we have the votes to prove it! We were thrilled to win not one, but two prestigious awards at IBC. 

ARGUS received the CSI award for its ability to quickly identify and flag video quality issues and their root causes. This solution offers deployments for cloud, virtual, and on-prem environments. Vantage Cloud, our no-code media processing and workflow automation solution, also won the TVBEurope Best of Show award. This solution is perfect for media operations teams who want to flex their current Vantage workflows and processes to the cloud. It enables dynamic scaling of resources and seamlessly adapts workflows for higher bandwidths and processing capabilities. 

If you were unable to attend IBC, don’t worry — you can arrange a virtual demo with one of our experts today to see what you missed at the show. Get in touch with us here to set something up. Once again, thank you for contributing to a fantastic show. We wouldn’t be here without your support!

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