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BoxCast integrates with Wirecast

BoxCast integrates with Wirecast for simple, high-quality live webcasts

BoxCast integration with Wirecast

Creating and distributing high-quality webcasts just got easier yet again with a new cloud platform option from BoxCast!

Today, BoxCast announced it has integrated Wirecast with the its cloud-based live streaming platform, which empowers Wirecast users with access to great features like single-source simulcasting, ticked monetization, password protection, video embedding… the list goes on.  Wirecast contributes its high-quality production to the platform: live video webcasts generated from multiple sources, including webcams and screen shares, multi-camera setups, graphics, and media for live events.

“The integration of these two premier tools represents the best of what live streaming technology today can offer,” said John Wetzel, Product Manager at BoxCast.  “Live streamed events can now have the highest quality production value, coupled with the agility and efficiency of video encoding, cloud transcoding, delivery, and even monetization.  It is the best of all worlds.”

Unlimited streaming, viewership, and destinations mean BoxCast manages some of the most difficult parts of live video streaming – and that helps producers focus on simply delivering a great viewing experience.

“BoxCast is an ideal destination and streaming platform for Wirecast users,” noted Telestream’s Andrew Haley. “It offers the incredible flexibility, distribution and control over what you stream and where you stream it. We’re excited it will now be even easier for Wirecast users to publish their streams to Boxcast.”

How to Stream from Wirecast to the BoxCast Platform
3Using BoxCast’s RTMP video ingestion option, simply select BoxCast as a streaming destination right from within Wirecast. This allows Wirecast to stream directly to BoxCast. It will utilize the computer for encoding the video and audio, and it will transmit over RTMP.

This can be used with either a Single-Use RTMP or Static RTMP Channel. However, in both cases, the setup must be done within 10 minutes of a scheduled broadcast.

Another way to stream from Wirecast is to send the Wirecast program output to a secondary HDMI or SDI output that is plugged into the BoxCaster or BoxCaster Pro. The BoxCaster’s hardware encoding relieves your computer from the task of encoding the video and audio in addition to taking advantage of specially-designed communication protocols to optimize your available network connectivity.

BoxCast integration with Telestream Wirecast is available today!  They offer a variety of annual streaming subscription plans for Wirecast users that range in price and feature set. To learn more, visit www.boxcast.com/pricing.

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