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Titler Pro Live, the 2nd Generation Title Tool from NewBlueFX


A post from our friends at NewBlueFX

After months of hard work and a lot of input from professionals like you, it’s finally here.

Titler Pro Live 2 is the easiest and fastest way to raise the production value of your live streams. Leverage over 70 templates and the fully featured Title Designer to create animated titles and graphics in a fully integrated interface.

Why We Made It

You told us here at NewBlue you wanted a product that was faster and easier to use. And we didn’t disappoint.

We redesigned Titler Pro Live 2 from the ground up. We aligned our workflow with Wirecast’s by leveraging multiple sources to deliver a truly native experience. We then used technology from our latest titling tool, Titler Pro 4, to boost render speeds and video playback.

And we didn’t stop there.

We created more controls and functionality to make it easier to handle your most common challenges. Now you can stay ahead of your next production with title playlists and controls over in/out animations.

What’s New in Titler Pro Live 2?

In addition to the reengineered workflow and performance enhancements, we’ve added over 40 new features. While each feature delivers an improved experience, we’ve summarized the key features you need to know.

Unlimited VariablesTitler Pro

Create an unlimited number of text, graphic and color variables in your production with new expanded variable options. Adjust variables in the pre-made templates or customize your own. It’s never been easier to make your live stream fit any production demand you encounter.

Make a Playlist

Plan ahead of your next live stream with the new Playlist feature. The re-imagined source based workflow allows you to create playlists for multiple segments of your production.

Control Your Actions

Quickly control the timing and animation of your titles, lower thirds and bugs with the new Action Buttons.

How We Customized It For You

We understand that no two productions are the same so we built Titler Pro Live 2 Express and Advance to better suit your needs.

Titler Pro Live 2 Express ($99)

Now it’s easier than ever to instantly enhance your live stream’s value with Titler Pro Live 2 Express.

This template based live titling tool allows you to quickly add animated, titles and graphics to your production with over 70 main titles, lower thirds and bugs.

Once you find your design, easily change the text, color and even the image to fit your need.

NewBlue-2D3DTextTitler Pro Live 2 Advance ($499)

We know you’ve got a lot to manage when you’re streaming a live sporting event. There’s main titles, lower thirds, scoreboards and more.

But now it’s easy to manage it all with Titler Pro Live 2 Advance. Get a quick start with over 100 pre-built designs, including professionally designed sports templates. Or build custom scoreboards, titles and graphics with the fully featured Title Designer. Then control the score, game clock, and more with the breakthrough Scoreboard Tool.

And go beyond the built-in animations with the included Kinetic and Fluid motion packs. Each pack delivers 8 customizable animations and 16 ready-made templates to create sophisticated motion graphics with just a few clicks.

Whether it’s adding a dynamic main title to a school broadcast, a lower third for a public speaker introduce a speaker or a sophisticated scoreboard for the next game, Titler Pro Live 2 has you covered. Find the one that’s right for you.

If you already own Titler Pro Live 1.0 for Wirecast, you can download your free upgrade below.





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