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Where to Find Stock Video Footage

I recently started a video project and thought, “If I only had some footage of the ocean, this would be perfect!” OK, I live 3 hours from any large body of salt water. How on earth would I get ocean footage before my deadline? The answer is royalty-free stock video. Just as there are royalty-free […]

Studio Soundproofing

Chris Meyer of Pro Audio Coalition wrote a couple of very interesting articles tracking his adventures in improving the audio in his studio. The first article chronicles how Chris makes simple changes to his studio to cut down on reverb and improve the overall sound. http://provideocoalition.com/i…/simple_soundproofing/ The second is a series of audio files comparing […]

When Rejection and Insensitivity are Good Things by Andy White

Andy White has been regularly producing podcasts, for clients large and small since 2006, including Internet Marketing, which is regularly in the featured list under the Management and Marketing categories in iTunes. In an effort to reach more people, Andy is now writing a book and running training sessions to teach people how to turn […]