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Why You Should Capture and Stream 4K Video Over 1080P

Why You Should Stream 4K Video

As the creative advantages to 4K video streaming and production have risen, cost and complexity have fallen. It seems like only yesterday that professional content creators began capturing and producing video in high definition, particularly in 1080p 60 frames per second (FPS). But technology is always on the march. Today’s live video streaming professionals are […]

How to Keep your Audience Engaged

To learn more about Telestream desktop products, click here. Keeping your audience engaged means you have to actively give people a reason to interact with you. If your live stream is just a video of yourself with no visual aids or pauses, audiences will have a hard time giving you their full attention. Remember they […]

A Checklist Before you Start Church Streaming

To learn more about Telestream desktop products, click here. As stated in other posts, streaming your church services can be overwhelming or downright scary. Not because of anything bad, but because of all the unknowns. Who will run the live stream? What are the technical aspects required? Where do you even start? Here is a […]

Working with Green Screens – Ideal World vs. Real World

Telestream's web studio

We’ve been using green screens and chroma key filters in our WirecastLive and ScreenFlowLive shows as well as our webinars for a number of years now. During this time, we’ve learned a lot… but that’s not to say we don’t still have much to learn. One of the most important things we’ve learned over the years […]

Tech Tools for Teachers

Last week we had the opportunity to sit down with Tony Vincent, an educator, speaker and Ed Tech enthusiast, about some of the powerful tools available to teachers for use in the classroom and at home. Tony showed us some tools we had never seen before and we wanted to share a couple of them […]

ISTE 2015


International Society for Technology in Education We are super excited to head to beautiful Philadelphia at the end of June for the ISTE 2015 Conference!  From June 28th through July 1st we will be showing off Wirecast and ScreenFlow at booth 1262. Come stop by and say hello, or check out some of the great […]

How to Capture Great Web Video Interviews

I want to thank Derek Singleton of Software Advice for this informative guest post. *** These days, recording a professional-looking Web video interview is becoming easier and cheaper. However, it is still easy to get things like lighting, studio set up and the background wrong. At Software Advice, we shoot a lot of Web video, […]

3 Tips for Great Lighting for Video Production

Throughout the years, we’ve had quite a few great basic audio tips posts. Many people say that without great audio, you can’t have a great video. But, being visual,  I contend that the video picture is just as important as audio. And what’s the one most important element to making a great video picture? Lighting! […]

How To Effectively Light Your Green Screen

In the following video, I explore the basic principles for lighting a green screen and your subjects to get that perfect composition you’ve always wanted.  Green screens and blue screens (and sometimes other color screens too) have been used by Hollywood and the media for decades, but it’s becoming more and more common for smaller […]

Background Music and Sound Effects – Free is Good

Has it been almost a year since I wrote my post on where to find background music for your screencasts? Evidently so, but I recently came across a new site that offers free music and sound effects, so I thought I must share. Yes, FREE. Jewelbeat.com says they offer free royalty free music and sound […]