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FOX Sports’ FIFA World Cup™ Now Show Produced Live for Twitter with Wirecast

The live video streaming market is estimated to grow to more than $70 billion by 2021¹ and traditional broadcasters are taking note. When FOX Sports began planning their coverage of the 2018 FIFA World Cup, they looked to Wirecast to help increase fan engagement and boost their presence on social media with a live show […]

California High School Delivers Award-Winning Broadcast Media Program with Wirecast

The broadcast media program at Whitney High School, a public high school in Rocklin, CA, stands out as one of the most impressive and successful programs of its kind in the country. Using Telestream’s Wirecast live video streaming production software, the students produce a 15-minute daily newscast, that features news, sports and lifestyle segments. Called […]

StartUp Health Broadcasts Annual Festival with Wirecast

StartUp Health is organizing, supporting and investing in a global army of Health Transformers to improve the health and wellbeing of everyone in the world. Just seven years into a 25-year mission, StartUp Health already has the world’s largest portfolio of digital health companies spanning over a dozen countries. Founded in 2011, by Steven Krein and Unity […]

Ricki Prime Expands Audience Reach & Engagement with Live Streaming

Ricki Prime, one of New Zealand’s most charismatic talk show personalities, recently returned home after a three-month stint in the US. During this time he worked with Enlightened Audio Visual in their studio, “the #Brandroom” streaming live shows and events to Facebook Live and other social media platforms. Now Prime broadcasts his own live show, […]

Dr. Valdes uses Wirecast to connect with his patients

Telecommunications technology can be beneficial to so many different types of businesses. Dr. Wesley Valdes has been taking advantage of the technology and has been in the industry for over a decade. Valdes uses Telehealth where he provides remote consultation and diagnostic assessments to patients. Telehealth is often used when the patient is far away, […]

Iditarod.com Brings “The Last Great Race” To Millions With Wirecast

The Iditarod is an incredible event deeply rooted in Alaskan history. This 24-year-old dog sled race takes place every year in early March where mushers (dog sled racers) accompanied by 16 dogs begin their 1000-mile journey in Anchorage. The Iditarod can take anywhere from 9 to 15 days, during which these mushing teams race through […]

How RaiderTV Streams Daily Live News Program with Telestream Wirecast

It’s 7:55am and RaiderTV, a student produced live news program at Cleveland Middle School, is streaming live to their school’s students and staff. RaiderTV is part of a holistic curriculum at Cleveland Middle School in Cleveland, TN, under the umbrella of communications that focuses on oral, print, web, and video communication delivery systems. RaiderTV is […]

Wirecast Rockstar: Teacher Anthony Johnson


Green Screen in the Classroom A few weeks ago we had the opportunity to meet a Twitter friend in real life at the ISTE Conference in Philadelphia.  Anthony Johnson, who we first encountered due to his interactive classroom photos on Twitter, stopped by and gave us a bit of insight on how Wirecast is implemented […]